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hi there we are happy to say that our new bali silver jewellery web page is up and running ..we have packed the new site with heaps of new silver jewellery item ..not forgetting the the traditional items thaat we have been selling for many years ..we hope to see you there soon ...come and have a look and don't forget to check our facebook :

bali silver jewellery

Our company is one of Bali's largest manufactures and suppliers of 925 sterling silver jewellery ,our factory is on the island of Bali Indonesia ,we have been producing and supplying sterling silver jewellery for many years with traditions past from father to son so the art of hand made silver remains high quality .today our product range covers 1000s of latest up to date styles together with the traditional items that has made Bali famous for silver .Balinese silver smiths are renowned as the best in the world for hand made products because of the high quality and care in the craftsman ship of manufacture ,all our items are guaranteed to be of the best quality available .we pride our selves on top class customer service ,as service and carer is a very large part of Balinese life style .keeping traditions to day is as important for us as they were to our father and our fathers before then . Another part of our family business is the art of hand carving cow bone ,again this tradition is handed from father to son .we use these finished bone carvings in many of our pendants , ring and bracelets so the whole manufacture process is hand made .one of our ranges in the hand carved bone and silver is our goddess range witch is very popular all over the world .cremation locket jewellery together with our spiritual healing range of jewellery is something we have been producing for meany years ,This items have become an important part of many peoples lives as memory's and keepsakes .our designers pride them selves also on new fashion styles.

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